• Lasting Power of Attorney

    Unfortunately health is not guaranteed in life, despite what we all like to think.  Lasting Power of Attorney allows your health and finances to be managed for you, when you can’t. Read More

  • Wills

    Why do you need to review your existing Will straight away… if you don’t have one in place you definitely need to read this! Read More

  • Cost of Care

    Read on to find out how you can protect your assets from long term care costs and the solutions estate planning can bring to you and your family. Read More

  • Family Inheritance

    Find out how you can protect your family Inheritance and how the estate can be taken from you if you don’t do anything about it. Read More

  • Funeral Plans

    Read on to find out how you can save your family money by locking in Funeral costs at today’s prices. Read More

  • Business Protection

    You have built your empire up through hard work and determination, so it only makes sure that your loved ones are provided for in the event of your death. Read More


Complete Estate Planning – Preserving your wealth for future generations

Your family home, savings, investments and business are hard earned assets you have acquired throughout your lifetime. These assets can be taken from you by the Government or Local Authority for a number of reasons without careful Estate Planning.

Complete Estate Planning Limited provide a free one to one consultation looking at the simple but effective strategies to safeguard your assets, ensuring they go to your intended beneficiaries.

We strongly believe in face to face meetings.  This allows us to ascertain your full current circumstances and therefore understand your wishes with regard to your Estate Planning.  The first meeting is simply to get all the relevant background information so the recommendation is tailored to your individual circumstances.  The second meeting is where we will present the recommendations we feel are necessary to put your affairs in order.   These meetings are all based on a no obligation basis.  Complete Estate Planning Limited cover the North of England.

Please feel free to view the information we have provided on all aspects of Estate Planning. We highly recommend you to watch and listen to the extremely informative animations/cartoons which clearly explain each subject and are well worth watching.  We have also included FREE guides!

Complete Estate Planning Limited

Complete Estate Planning Limited

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